Are you looking to become a Training Centre?

Approved Centres may offer CIEHS 1, 2 and 3 or qualifications with the Chartered HSE Qualifications and Direct Membership Certifications (DMC) by the Recognition of Previous Learning (RPL) whereby Approved Centres design and manage their own assessment programme, providing that they maintain the quality systems and procedures required by the CIEHS(US) Awarding Organisation. The assessment must be approved by the CIEHS(US) Awarding Organisation before the delivery programme starts.


Applying for Centre Approval
Becoming a Registered or Approved Centre is relatively straightforward and begins with the submission of an application form. Following this, a visit to your premises will be arranged with one of our External Verification team, before a decision is made and final approval is granted.  Further information regarding approval as well as a Centre Approval Application Form can be obtained by contacting the CIEHS(US) on


To become an Accredited or Endorsed Centre, then the qualification or programme requires to be accredited or endorsed.  For further information please contact the Awarding Organisation on


Approval Fee

The proposed centre is to pay a fee of $500 USD.

Payment details will made through a PayPay account on request

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